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Deli-cious news! make our world go round. Coming out of lockdown (our little deli-takeaway shop opened six weeks before because we couldn’t wait any longer) was a joy. 

A joy to be seeing once more the smiles of happy customers catching up with news, views, and of course eating and drinking. 

Familiar faces returning, finding out what’s new in our little Nailsworth world. 

As we reopened our cafe, tweaking the offering as we went, it was wonderful to see people slowly rebuilding their companionship once more, (albeit in a socially distanced way), looking after each other with the excuse of good food and drink. Invaluable. 

One such customer, whom we noticed had returned three times in a week, turned to me yesterday and said, ‘your food is really delicious, I can’t get enough of all the flavour, you’re really in the zone’. 

What a great thing to hear. 

One benefit of being in lockdown has been a chance to reflect about food, a refinement of the curation of flavour, taste and texture. And the benefit of returning from lockdown is the ability to put it onto the plates of ready and willing customers!

With hints in the news about a new set of hospitality restrictions, we’ve decided to reopen our deli-takeaway shop again. The Canteen remains open as usual, but very soon we’ll be offering the very best of all the local ingredients we use to cook our delicious food, so you can too, at home. 

Bread, cheese, milk, veg, herbs, all served with a huge smile behind the mask! Keep an eye on our our website, Facebook or Twitter announcements to find out where and when you can pick up your new deli delights.

See you soon, you make our world go round.

Caro x x

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