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Join us for the Death Café...

Updated: Feb 2

Did you know that we host the Nailsworth Death Café every other month? This fantastic group meeting offers support and the chance to explore issues around death, dying, bereavement and end of life.

The Death Café provides a safe, confidential space, for anyone and everyone- on the basis that we all experience the loss of loved ones and die ourselves. We also welcome those who have already experienced or are currently going through a death and are looking for support and an opportunity to connect with people that are in similar situations. We are not a bereavement group as such but have open doors and open arms for those who are currently going through a bereavement.

It is not in themed and we never have speakers or agendas, to allow the conversation to flow naturally. Some people are drawn to attend because they have experienced a recent bereavement, or there might be people who are anticipating the death of someone... Most people are there simply to learn and explore and hear from other people.

A little word from Jane, the co-organiser about how she experiences the sessions, "Personally, I always come away feeling uplifted and inspired and encouraged to make the best of the finite time available to me!"

The next meeting is on 25th January 2023 at 7.30pm, and meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every other month.

For more information please contact Jane on 07989 931913 or email her at .

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